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Nine5Four The Magazine caters to a unique demographic of individuals across the United States and has a special appeal to the International talent market. As Nine5Four The Magazine continues to push the boundaries in the unsigned and indie (independent) talent market, we strive to enhance the profiles of the individuals we feature on a monthly basis which in turn draws a great deal of attention to our specialty magazine daily. To date, Nine5Four The Magazine has over 75,000 Online Subscribers with 7,500 Printed Subscribers in the US, Europe, Canada and Mexico. To say the least, Nine5Four The Magazine has the eyes of Entertainment Moguls across the US with units delivered to several major Record Labels, Talent Agencies and Modeling agencies, all of whom are looking for the next big artist/model/dancer etc. to sign.
Advertisers in Nine5Four The Magazine range from Music Artists of all types to models, new and established businesses, clothing designers, photographers, graphic designers and record labels in the US to name a few. Because of the magazine’s initial launch as an online publication, 90% of our distribution is handled out of our Magazine Fulfillment Center based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Nine5Four The Magazine started as an online publication with no intent to print, but quickly became a success and had no alternative but to transition into a print version in order to meet the demand of our online readers and featured talent.
Nine5Four The Magazine is printed on a Heavy Stock Gloss Cover with a soft but firm gloss inside text that gives the high quality feel you would expect from a mainstream magazine. We have successfully featured over 750 Unsigned and Indie artists in the print and online publication since our origin in 2006. That breaks down to about 15 talented individuals featured per month. That’s more than any other magazine in our field.
So, what can advertising in Nine5Four The Magazine do for you or your business? Simple, DRIVE TRAFFIC! Most consumers purchase items based on brand name recognition or popular influence. Nine5Four The Magazine is that influence and our readers are those consumers! Order a copy of the magazine TODAY for yourself and see what we are talking about. Simply put, for businesses and individuals looking for maximum exposure in one of the HOTTEST publications around, Nine5Four The Magazine is where YOUR ad should be. We have specialty packages available to fit ANY budget. Fill out the form below to request our media kit and/or additional information.
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