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Nine5Four The Magazine September 2009 Feature DJ R.O.B. DJ Name: DJ R.O.B. (Right On Beat)
Age: 23
Hometown: Los Angeles
Current Residence: Miami
Marital Status: Taken
Genre: HipHop/Pop/R&B/Rock
Clubs: Metropolis/Discotekka Miami/The Forbidden Room/Voodoo Lounge FTL
Radio/TV Shows: MTV El Click
Albums/Mix-Tapes: DJ R.O.B. & DJ SKY “Back 4 More”
Contact Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 305.744.2220

What made you want to be a DJ? Love of music. What else? lol

How long have you been a DJ? 8 years

At What moment did you know this was your calling? I was 14 at a school dance. The dj had to go to the bathroom and told me to watch the records so nobody messed with them. So naturally I started scratching and playing with them, and I just knew.

What DJ do you look up to? Why? DJ GQ- that guy works his ass off. And DJ Jarell for helping me out when I first started.

Is this your dream job? If no then what is? This is my dream job. Where else can you get paid to play with music all day?!

Records or Serrato? Records. Serrato is for cheaters. lol

Whats your take on the industry today? there’s a lot of useless junk out there (musically and artistically) but there’s also a lot of treasures.

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in? Television and music production.

What’s your most embarrassing, funniest, or Worst (pick one) DJ story? HMM. well i got one thats embarrassing, funny., And terrible- I was spinning on the patio of a club in fort Lauderdale, and it was raining pretty heavily. Suddenly the canvas above me that was protecting me (and the equipment) from the rain gives way and dumps a ton of water on me AND the equipment, which short circuited and the music stopped. naturally everyone looked up at the booth and saw me covered in water. It was pretty bad. lol

Whats in your Ipod? Everything from Jay-z to Jill Scott to Britney spears to busta rhymes- over 4,000 songs. What can I say I like it all.

Favorite Record to date? The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel. That record is just iconic.

Favorite artist? Too many, but check out my up & coming girl Monique at

Song you could never hear again & be happy? Beyonce “single ladies”

What do you do when your not DJing? Studying @ school.

Any Shout outs? Much love to, banksismusic, Gina Diaz, Monique, DJ GQ, DJ Jarell & all my disco crew!

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