Written by DAWNdada

Music Name: Wil-J

Real Name: Wilmer J Rodriguez

Home Town: Venezuela

Age: 26

Status: married ;)




Twitter @wiljmusic


Photos by: Gina Diaz
Interview by DAWNdada

WIL-J from the Bay… How are you today, love?

I’m doing great thank you for asking, chica.

It’s an honor to sit with and interview you.

It’s my pleasure to be here with you, DAWNdada!

All the way from the bay to the M-I-A! In the nice, and hot Miami!

We keep it HOT here! I had the blessing to meet you via TWITTER, thru a great friend and past Nine5Four star, Miss Sandra Pena. She put in a good word for you!!!

Sandra is a good friend and great Radio Personality in LA, I’ve known her since she started in the radio industry back in the bay area with Wild 94.9

Before we get into the FUN stuff lets get a few basic questions out of the way…

Ok now that we got that out of the way, what would you consider your genre of music?

I’m an urban Artist

My music is a mix combination of electronic, hip hop, and urban latin music.

Awesome! Do you prefer to make music in Spanish or English?

Well I honestly like to combine both “Spanglish” it gives a different flavor to the music! And it targets the english and spanish market! I usually add the spice to my tracks with spanish phrases or small words.

What are some accomplishments you have reached in the industry?

Well DAWNdada, to be an up and coming artist I think I’m more than blessed to have had the opportunity to work with big features on my project. I had the opportunity to talk to Pitbull after a show in the bay, and he told me “ papo make it happen don’t stop believing in what u got, Pa lante” Besides being a fan of his work, getting advise from him I consider it an achievement coming from such a great artist!

Who have you had the blessing to work with?

DAWNdada! (TRUE)I will be releasing my first Single soon where I have the Opportunity to work with Miami’s own Elijah King, and superstar from New Jersey David Rush! Its an explosive combination! Miami, NJ, and the Bay! Be on the look out of this record name “Special One” ft Elijah King n David Rush.. I also had the opportunity to work with other great artists like Sito Rocks from Mia, Regeton legend Cheka, Noztra,and other big surprises that I will tell you soon ;)

DAWNdada, I’m also more than happy to be working with superproducer Joey Knoxx, who’s the person behind my music and believed in me when I first started in the music.

That’s impressive, seems you have a strong ground of amazing artists and producers. Who would it be an honor to work with in the future?

Well that’s a hard Question! There is two artists that I would work with due to the fact that they been role models for me. That would be Pitbull and Dj Laz!

My family! So off the market and getting married, Congratulations! I met your beautiful Fiancé, Maria and I must say you are a lucky man. You got engaged during our yearly even CALLE 8, correct?

Thank you dawn! She is good.. Maria un beso! Muahh! Yes I had the opportunity to go to Calle 8, on that business trip I decided to bring my girlfriend with me. I had already made the decision of popping the question but I was like where can I do! In a way that it will be a beautiful and unforgettable memory for us! So I wanted to do it at the calle 8 stage but I felt bad cuz she would freak out and have no choice, but to just say “yes”... So the night before Calle 8 we went walking on the beach and everything seemed right! Full moon, nice weather and I was ready!! When she least expected I got on one knee and popped the question!! She was in shock!!! Surprised that I asked her to marry me!! She said yes! ;)

That’s beautiful, Papo! What is the Bay scene like?

The bay scene is starting to get better there is more promotion companies that are supporting up and coming artists. Its funny that I get play more in the radio in MIA and NY than the bay...I get a lot of love in Miami!!

How long have you been in the industry?

I been involve with music since I was a kid, I come from a musician filled family but as solo artist about 4 yrs.

Any Shot outs?

Yes! I’m sending shouts to everyone that believes in my music! Shouts to all the dj’s in Cali like Dj frisko Eddy, DL1 always playing my records, much love to J. Stevens from Power 96! Also to Sito Rocks, Elijah King, David Rush, Platano, 2Nyce, Monique, Dj Laz, Team Pitbull, the Diaz Brothers Lu n Hugo, to my producer in Cali Joey Knoxx, also to my photographer, the BEST Ms. Gina Diaz, and Thank You to Nine5Four for this amazing opportunity!

One more to my wife :) she has been there for me!!

Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity my love and I look forward to seeing and hearing more of Wil-J from the Bay in the future. Peace and Blessings

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