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Dukwon vs. DCAP

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No matter if you know him as Dukwon the rapper or as DCAP of DCAP GRFX his name is always on your mind if you live in the South. Dukwon the rapper is one of most anticipated young artist coming up from the South. He has delivered a string of hit singles, dropped several critically mixtapes, and opened up for some of your favorite artist. There is also Dcap, Dcap is the CEO of DCAP GRFX in Jacksonville Florida. If you have seen a mixtape or club Flyer in Atlanta, the Carolinas or Florida then 9 times out of 10 he designed it. If you don’t know one but you know the other chances are you will know both in just a matter of time. I was able to sit down with the busy entrepreneur and find out how he is able to stay so consistent with his hustle.

Let our readers now who you are? I’m artist first, rapper second, creative person all around and what to make change in the world. I go by the name DuKwon (which is my birth name) and it simple as to why i chose that to be my name because I DO ME DAILY...Du Kwon pronouced do-quan!

How long have you been rapping? Serious 10 years

What made you want to pick up the Mic? I grew up in the industry, my dad was real cool with Run DMC’s dj JMJ and just being around that made me curious to want to do it cause i was always around it. Then as I got older it was a way for me to express myself.

Who were some of your early influences growing up? 50 cent (his grind), Wu Tang (unity), Nas (word play), Mase (Swag).

How did you get your first break? I was in a talent show hosted by alicia keys . I didnt win it but I came second and her now my manager dj walton scooped me up.

You have been on some major tours early in you career. Tell our readers about that? I was on all of Bow Wow tours (wanted tour & price of fame tour), T.I. king of the South tour and Young Jeezy street dreams tour. Those tours were kinda like practice to get me right for the tours I did after which are my biggest tour to date. Those tours were St Maarten Summer Fest in St. Maarten with Fabolous and Fat Joe and Mountain Dew’s Ball 4 Real tour which was the new And1 Tour with all the hottest And1 Players. I co-head lined that one while the Shop boyz head lined it. We did every arena from New Orleans Super Dome to New York’s Madison Square Garden.

I know that you are originally from North Carolina and Moved to Jacksonville at a Young age. How would you describe the Jacksonville Music scene? Up and Coming. Everybody starting to get there shit together and treat this really as a business. Everyone got there images together, graphics done and most importantly music mastered! We the next movement!!!

You have worked with some big name artist in the game, such as KillerMike, Diamond, 2 pistols ,young cash, and DJ Smallz. How are you able to make such great connections? Grinding. Keeping it real with them and being regular cause at the end of the day they just like me and you...just popular.

Your presentation is always on point from flyers, mixtapes, and marketing. How important is it for an independent artist to be on point? Very important because besides money that the only thing that separate jay-z from me and them, is how he’s marketed. How you look is just as important as the music. So if you got on!

How would you describe your rap style? Like a southern Nas with a LL appeal to the ladies!

Who usually produces your tracks? I don’t really have just one....but so far M. Geezy been doing most of my Hit Singles with features.

What is your writing process like when you are in the studio? When I play a beat, if words/concepts just dont come...i dont fuck with it. Because music suppose to flow and just come through being creative and once you start forcing it then you defeat the purpose of doing the record cause if it dont vibe...its not gonna work.

I know that you have recently started your own imprint label called DCMG music group. Tell us about that? I just got on my ludacris shit and signed myself. It don’t make sense if im spend my money on my music not to completely own me. Also I have a young artist named Kyshae (rapper/singer) 12 years that i signed that building a buzz with her record “Bump It Up”. We about Capitalizing on everything, that what it stands for The Capitalize Music Group.

Aside rapping I know that you have one of the most successful graphics companies in the South East? Yeah DCAP GRFX aka, we doing numbers. Its funny cause it just happened through me doing my own graphics and people want to know who did it.

How do you balance everything with such a hectic schedule? Staying focus....I dont have alot of free time. If it not about music it about approving graphics the rest of my time is spent with my son.

You are constantly feeding the streets with new material and mixtapes. How have you been able to stay so consistent? G.U.T.S.S. Grindn Uncontrollably to Stand Strong!.... that’s my moto

When can we expect an album? June 11th Im dropping an Album through titled G.U.T.S.S. (Grindn Uncontrollably to Stand Strong!). Its for everyone that has the odds against them and really feel that got what it takes to do whatever it is their wanting to do. Which is everybody, rich and poor. Russell Simmons acted of his G.U.T.S.S. when he left college to start def jam so did tom cruise and brad pit when they went to hollywood with no money, connections, just a dream and passion.

You recently released a song with Diamond called Fly Girl. How has the single doing? Great. Every Fly Girls anthem! Still growing on radio and through the social media.

I know that you have a relationship with Alicia keys and that whole camp. Tell us about that whole affiliation? well as i explained i got discovered at a talent show she was hosting by her now manager dj walton. so my affiliation with him is how i have a relationship with the whole AK World Wide movement.

Jermaine Paul just won this season of the voice, how did you feel about that? Words can’t explain how i feel cause he been through alot and has been grind off the gut feeling since the start and it means more because i experience some of his grind with him. It almost like i know anybody can make it to that ideal level now with talent, prayer, grind and G.U.T.S.S.

What inspired you to write the song champion that features Jermaine Paul? Bad Life experiences and wanting to over come them!

If you could work with any artist dead or alive who would it be? Michael Jackson

Who are your Top 5 rappers of all time? If I went off lyrics I would say.... 50 cent, biggie, Canibus, Nas, Eminem

What can we expect from Dukwon in the future? G.U.T.S.S. (Grindn Uncontrollably to Stand Strong!) ep. Im doing a video for every song on the album!

What do you hope to accomplish in music? I hope to reach a point where I can change lives through my music

How can Fans or promoters get in contact with you? twitter @dukwon, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.