J. Prince

J. Prince

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Jessica Marie: By Any Means Necessary

Where does the name Jessica Marie come from? It’s my first and last name. I know there are others and I know you won’t rest until you’re the only one that matters lol Jessica is my first name Marie is my middle. 

I know that you are originally from Orlando. How has the recent tragedies affected you? The tragedies really hit home for me. And made me sad because I grew up there and to see my city go through that was really tough on me emotionally. I used to live down the street from pulse for 2 years. One thing I really can say is that the city pulled through and showed support on all their ends which made my heart very happy. From a candlelight memorial to dancing videos all over the media with pride flags!! 

What made you want to pursue modeling? I’ve always wanted to be behind the cameras as a little girl. I remember seeing Tyra Banks on the runway and she inspired me. 

In your opinion what separates you from other models and personalities in today’s industry? My drive is insane. I literally never stop working and I’m always ready to improve and take my work to the next level. Without struggle there is no progress. 

What made you move to LA? I wanted to peruse the modeling full time. 

How have you been enjoying the la scenery? I’m sure you have been on some amazing photoshoots? The scene out here is amazing!!! Everything is so beautiful the views are breath taking. I do a lot of shoots downtown where I have views of the whole city. 
In today’s business you have to wear multiple hats as an entrepreneur. What other things do you do outside of modeling? I drive for Lyft and uber as well. 

Your IG bio says “I want it all and I’m not afraid to work for it”. What inspires your determination and inspiration? My supportive and wonderful family always pushing me to my greatness. 

Where do you see your brand going in the next few years? What are some of your goals? I aspire to be an actress. I know I’m going to see my name in bright lights soon. 

What is your definition of beauty? Inside Beauty most importantly is what I’ve always said. Your good looks are a total waste if your personality isn’t up to par. 

How can future followers and supporters connect with you? Give us all of your social media, website and contact info.

IG:  Callme_Jmarie
email: BookingsJMarie - gmail.com

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Aaron Johnson: Lights, Camera, Action!

A mogul in his own right, Aaron Johnson is a 15 year old award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and talk show host of “A Few Moments with Aaron” and the “Aaron & Jahkiyla Show”. Aaron is a positive voice for the youth by demonstrating you are never too young to follow your dreams.

At the age of 9 years old, Aaron began his passion for filming making and editing. Aaron started his journey on an Acer Laptop using the windows movie maker software. After he mastered the movie maker software his parents saw the passion and determination he was demonstrating. Aaron progressed to using Sony Vegas, Movie Plus, Hit Film, I Movie, Final Pro X and Adobe Premier CS6. Being an Honor roll student in a Magnet Program for Broadcasting, Aaron has excelled further than what the school has offered him.

At the age of 12, his Parent was compelled to establish his Business. Aaron has produced several projects from his company. He has produce commercials for Churches, Business, Schools and various organizations locally and globally.  He has also produced business promos for Real Love Ministries Radio Show on 1490WMBM and sports cuts 305 Barber Shop. Aaron creativity has given him a passion even for music videos. He has produced music videos for the legendary Betty Wright, TYVI Polo Williams, Labresha Lache and his brother Dontrell. 

Aaron has won the “Widescreen Film & Music Festival” (2015) award for his short film entitled “Lost”. During the 10th year anniversary of Jazz in the Gardens (2015), he was honored by the Mayor of Miami Gardens, for his time and service in the community as well as being an inspiration and positive role model for teens. He was featured in the Miami Times (March 2015 edition) (July 2013 edition), the Donnie McClurkin Syndicated Radio Show, Hot 105 with Rick Party In the Afternoon, TBN, and on live television on The Greg Davis Show, Channel 6 “6 In the Mix.” Aaron also volunteers at The Trayvon Martin Foundation as a youth ambassador and spokesmen for their “Student of the Week” broadcast. July 2015 he received the McDonalds 365 Black Youth award at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. The Essence Festival Awards was aired in 2015 on BET. Aaron has had guest appearances during the Celebration of Gospel Tour, among great Gospel Artists (Yolanda Adams, Dorinda Clarke Cole, Tasha Page Lockhart, Ricky Dillard, Donald Lawrence) sponsored by McDonalds. 

Aaron Johnson hosted his first Annual “You are never too Young” 2016 Extravaganza, and stage play “Bitter Sweet”. His goal is to help over 100 youth establish their dream.

Aaron is one of the youngest members of the Great Black Speakers Bureau. He travels globally promoting his “You Are Never Too Young” tour promoting his two books “You Are Never Too Young” (2014) and “Winning Mind Battles” (2015) and inspiring speeches to his audiences. Aaron was invited to speak at the Diversity Conference in Vermont in early, 2016 to be the 3rd keynote speaker where he replaced Bernie Sanders. 

Aaron has done motivational speaking at multiple schools in Miami-Dade and Broward county schools such as Norland, Pine Ridge, Josi Diego, Chase, and many more. He was honored by the Trayvon Martin Foundation with the Championship Award on 2/6/16 alongside with Bishop T.D. Jakes and Harry Belafonte. The Delta Alumni Sorority honored Aaron on 3/12/16. He was given the He Matter Award by the He Matter She Matter Organization in Baltimore, Maryland. He also won his 2nd award by the Wide-Screen Film and Music Festival in Hollywood, FL.  He is currently working on his 1st stage play titled “BitterSweet”. Aaron Johnson is a humble motivating force to everyone. His favorite sayings is “The Key to Success Is Multiple Attempts of Failure. Turn Your Pain Into Power And Your Power Into Persuasion”. 

Stay ready as Aaron Johnson makes his staple in the entertainment industry. 

Anonymous Trailer

Aaron Johnson reality tv show 
Meet the Johnson’s

Blackout Movie Trailer






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Jeff Prophete

Florida has taken over the rap game throughout the years and has no intentions of slowing down. From Tallahassee to Miami Hip Hop superstars continue to emerge all over the state of Florida. To add to the list of Florida’s rap superstars is Fort Lauderdale’s own Jeffrey “J.P.” Prophete. Gwatta Squad Entertainment’s very own and one of Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secrets, until now with his national debut single “Doin Me” the new club anthem and uplifting street vibe that everyone can relate to.

J.P has a veteran presence whose music not only touches Hip Hop audiences but also has a crossover appeal into mainstream and Pop genres. Born and raised in inner city Fort Lauderdale where crime and poverty is prevalent, J.P. had to navigate his way through the streets to survive. Like other artists in the hip hop game coming from the streets, music was his way out of a negative situation. By maintaining and overcoming J.P. is striving for greatness and developing a name for himself in Fort Lauderdale and around the world.

J.P. is the big homie on the block and taking southern Hip Hop to the next level, opened up for Trick Daddy, Yung Joc, Shawty Lo and Lil Scrappy this up- in- coming hip hop artist has only just begun. J.P. was also featured on the TjsDjs music conference exclusive mix tape. He’s performed at Florida State University for Kappa Week, FAMU’s “Be out Day” and at the University of North Florida. When he isn’t traveling J.P. is in the studio recording and spending time with his family and daughter, as well as working and Grinding with new People and working on new projects. His new project I.S.O.M (Independent State Of Mind) is set to release August 31, 2016.
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Bella Falconi: Family, Faith & Fitness

The name Bella Falconi holds major weight in the fitness and wellness community. Make no mistake this respect and acclaim came with hard work and dedication. Bella has positioned herself to be one of the key figures in the fitness industry. Bella Falconi uses the mind, body, and Soul approach to her craft, her true and authentic energy stands out in an often over saturated industry. She provides inspiration and motivation to millions of her followers each day. Bella has truly opened up her life to her followers: whether it’s her motivational quotes, her unique training techniques, and even motherhood. I was blessed enough to sit down with her to find out the motivation and inspiration beyond the Bella Falconi Brand.

For those who don’t know what is your nationality? Brazilian but I’ve been in the USA for almost 10 years!

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Belo Horizonte, a big town in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Were you active in sports and fitness as a child? Not really. I feel like I didn’t have too much incentive from my parents when it comes to sports. I’ve always liked to watch sports but was never really into it... I wish I had done something like gymnastics or soccer when I was younger!

Do you feel a sense of pride and obligation to be a positive influence for the Latin community? Always! My work is more than just a “work”. It’s a mission. I feel like there’s a huge responsibility in what I do in social media. There are people who look up to me and I must be there for them, in a very responsible way. That’s why I went back to school and pursued my bachelor in nutrition. I would never feel comfortable talking about things I didn’t have any knowledge. I’m proud to say I educated myself because of my followers and made of my passion my work! I am very real, very real. I don’t post products I don’t use, love or recommend.

There are now many successful fitness models and trainers of Hispanic and Latin decent. How do you feel about that? It’s such a great thing to see how many people are getting involved in this cause! Fitness has become a fever and the more it grows the better it is for everyone! The idea is to spread awareness about health and self-esteem! Most people stay true to the purpose and unfortunately some other people kind of deviate from the path (becoming more interested in the money than in the mission itself which is sad).

I admire that you have strong spiritual faith. How has your faith allowed you to overcome obstacles in your life? My faith has definitely contributed to my progress and self-development. I’ve always liked to talk about God and His power. Now it has become something even more present and stronger in my life. I baptized in May of this year in the Christian church and that was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I feel stronger because I now live in communion with the Creator. My strength comes from God almighty!

People exercise for many different reasons. Whether it be for stress relief or a form of meditation. What specifically does physical fitness do for you? My main focus is my health and well-being. But achieving a great shape is a bonus! Working out is also a therapy for me, but that’s secondary. Keeping my health up to date is my main priority when it comes to physical activity

At what point in your life did your realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to fitness and wellness? It was back in 2012 when I started to train and eat right (I was sharing everything on Instagram) and realized my posts were inspiring and reaching a lot of people. I found myself in love with the stage but not to compete but to do seminars and be a motivational speaker. That’s what I love to do - to change people’s lives is priceless! That’s a gift from God!

Tell us about your online coaching program? It took me a long time to establish it because I felt the urgency of studying and getting some experience. I’ve come from being an unhealthy and sedentary person to winning competitions and becoming a mom (and nutritionist). At the right moment, I decided to launch my online programs to help others while using my own experiences to do so. I like to try all kinds of things before advising other people, for example, I stayed ovo lacto vegetarian for 65 days just to see how it feels so I would be better oriented to help other people with that same necessity. The online coaching has been a huge success and is indeed transforming lives of real people.  

What is the body party you are most proud of and what body part do you want to improve the most? I’m proud of my abs and would love to improve my legs... I really don’t enjoy leg day lol

What do you like to do when you are not working? I love to stay home with my family and love to travel with them as well. I’ve been dedicating some of my free time to the church as well and that fulfills my heart!

You often post motivational messages on your social media. How important is it for you to be a positive and motivational influence to your followers? I always say that the same way I motivate my followers they also motivate me, more than they realize! I need to be there for them, strong, focused and dedicated to what they expect from me. I need to set a good example and be a good role model. I look up to my followers too, without them I wouldn’t be where I am so I’m thankful for the opportunity they trusted me!

You have millions of followers on your social media platforms. Does it ever surprise you how big your fan base has grown? I don’t take anything for granted and will never let success get to my mind. Ever. But yes, sometimes it surprises me and I still catch myself wondering about it all.... It really is a gift from God!

You motivate and inspire so many mothers across the world. How important was it for you to document your journey before and after pregnancy? Becoming a mom was the most magical thing that ever happened to me! A baby was born and a “new me” was born as well. I tried to share a lot of moments from my pregnancy and postpartum with other moms and stayed 100% real like I always do. I tried to educate them about nutrition and physical activity as much as possible. I’m sick of seeing “plastic people” on social media who frustrate others by selling a wrong impression of perfection. It doesn’t exist. I had cellulite on my pregnancy and talked about it. I got saggy during my pregnancy and talked about it. I didn’t lose the baby weight overnight and felt the urgency of sharing about this with my followers. There are no superheroes, we are all human so it’s OK not to be perfect.

I notice that you do a variety of workouts. How important is it to keep doing new things? I believe this to be essential to stay motivated! The more I reinvent myself the more motivated I stay! When I had my baby and went back to training I chose Muay Thai to help with the weight loss process and loved it! I still practice this martial art and really think it was a great step I took!

What kind of music do you like to listen to during workouts? Nowadays just Gospel (I love to listen to Hillsong while training)

I see that you have a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. How has your degree helped you in eating the right foods and providing great meal plans for your clients? It was definitely an important decision I made and without it, I would never be able to help others properly. I’m very concerned about people who sell diets online just because they are fit and go to the gym. That’s definitely not wise, one must have technical knowledge before using it on customers.

What made you want to become a trainer? My passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves!

How long have you been incorporating MMA/Boxing into your workouts? It’s been 9 months!!!

Are you surprised on how much the sport of MMA has grown? Yes, it has grown a lot in the last few years. I don’t follow UFC 100% but when there’s a Brazilian guy or girl fighting I always make sure to watch!

You just had a beautiful baby girl. I love seeing you post pics of your little princess. How has she changed your life? She has brought a new (and bigger) smile to my face, a new energy to the house and has strengthened the bonds in our family even more. She teaches me more than I teach her... A child is a small piece of God on earth. I’m completely crazy for her... When I look back I can’t remember my life without Vicky, it’s like I’ve never existed without her!  

You have very cool shoe collection lol. How many shoes or sneakers do you own? Ugh that’s a hard question lol... Over 250 for sure!!! I’m a sneaker head but also love high heels!

Do you ever have “cheat meals” or snacks and what would a Bella Falconi cheat meal be? Of course!!? Twice a week! I love cheesecake and pasta!

How many days of the week do you train? 5 to 6 times...

What was it like meeting the legendary Kobe Bryant? It was amazing! I was shaking and could barely talk! But had the honor of getting a pair of kicks signed by him for Vicky! She will never wear it of course, lol

What advice do you want to give to our readers who want to live a healthy lifestyle but just don’t know how to start? Just take one step at a time and make sure you stick to motivators instead of “Debby downers” (the world is full of them). Read some trustful books and educate yourself about the importance of being and staying healthy. You won’t change your body if you don’t change your mind first. Once you really understand how food can make or break you, you’ll finally realize why you should pursue a healthy lifestyle and stay that way. Don’t blame the world for your failures - you are the only person responsible for your life and decisions. So make sure you are not doing things today of which you’ll regret tomorrow!!

Will we see Bella Falconi fitness apparel in the future? I already have a collaboration line with Live Clothing! It just came out and looks amazing!

What events or news should we be on the lookout for? Seminars for sure!!! Maybe a book in a near future...

Let us know all of your social media and website info?
Twitter | @bellafalconi
Instagram | @bellafalconi
snap chat | bella.falconi
Facebook | oficialbellafalconi

Do you have any final words or a message for your fans? I will finish this interview with a quote I really love:

❝The best way to predict your future is to create it❞

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At Nine5Four we pride ourselves in featuring prominent talent from all over the world. At every corner of the globe the grind remains the same. Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser has been putting in major work for a few years now. Hailing from Libreville district in Gabon, Boloman had a struggling childhood but he never gave up & went on fighting. Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser is a very talented Artist who won awards in Germany & went out on tours with stars such as Lil John, Flo Rida for shows in Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and France. He founded his own recording company in 2014. His latest single "In My Zone" is positive record speaking of the dawn, no matter how black the night is and that one should “turn the lights on”, play the music and celebrate. It champions the success zone where the singer currently finds himself in after long rigorous struggle and inspires others to hope for the same, despite the ups & downs of life. The motivating track advises to move on with hope and confidence, irrespective of the present situation. “In My Zone” has already received rave reviews and comments from its happy listeners and is soon to be the upcoming song of 2016. Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiserhas is quickly making himself an artist to watch for in 2016 and beyond.







Novaking has been putting in work in the industry for a long time. He has written hits and laid classic hooks for some of your favorite artist, his melodic hooks have made him a legend in the South Florida music scene. There are very few artist that can do it all: from songwriting, beat making, rapping, singing and engineering. He keeps the streets on fire with his remixes and original tracks but now he is ready introduce himself to the world as he preps for his debut album. I got a chance to sit with him to find out who the man was behind the million dollar voice.

How did you get the name NovaKing?
I got my name in high school. My name use to be “Casanova”, as I got older I cut the casa off and kept nova. The king shit came later.

How did you get your start in music?
I use to be in an acappella group that traveled the country and when everyone separated I started my own thing. 

What artist inspired you growing up?
Outkast, Do or die, 2pac+big, Fred Hammond, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Field mob, Nas, take 6, and D’Angelo. My list can go forever.

You sing, rap and make beats. What made you want to be so versatile?
I'm a control freak when it comes to the music. I wanted to be able to do everything on my own. Control the overall sound. The Producer may not play the chords I want to hear, or rap the lines I want you to hear.

Is it the same creative process when you sing, rap and produce? Or do you approach each one different?
I approach each one different. I have to get in to producer mode to choose the right sounds, for rapping you have to have the right bars, for singing you have to have the right melodies. Get it?

What producers made you want to start making beats?
Timbaland, Dr Dre, and now 40

What equipment do you use when making your tracks?
I use the MPC Renaissance, and other programs I don’t want to say, it’s a Secret.

I heard you engineer too. Is that true?
Yes I do, I learn from the great Remy J out of Broward County Florida. I was tired of spending my money dealing with whack ass engineers. They didn’t put feeling and effort to my madness. 

You have been making noise in the game for quite sometime. How have you been able to stay so consistent?
Music is all I know; I eat sleep and breath music. Sounds like something everyone says but it's the truth. I do a hell of a lot of features. That's how I stay consistent.

Many people compare your sound to Bruno Mars and Jermih how do you feel about those comparisons?
I have heard that before, the “ghetto Bruno” lol. I think that's a good compliment, because those two are pretty good artist. I just want to make a name for myself just like they did. 

You and epidemic have collaborated on some amazing records. How did that relationship start?
Well we use to be under the same label, with the strictly business family. Black dada linked use together thought we could do business together. Work on a few records and noticed how the music chemistry was impeccable. We became brothers out of the music and been friends since. 

What is your recording process like? What are things you need in the studio to get in your vibe?
You know the usual. Hennessey and Treez. Good vibes and let's go! Sometimes I have my niggas in the room or just me and a beautiful lady. Anything that can give me inspiration I guess.

How would you describe your sound in one word?

You have been traveling and performing all over the country. What city has showed you the most love so far?
Puerto Rico! Everyone knew who I was as soon when I got off the plane. We were number one on the charts that year. Our single “Feeling myself” was buzzing out there. Awesome feeling!

When are we going to finally get that sky miles project man?
This summer, I just didn't want to put out something that know one asked for. Now that I have that platform, I'm ready.

You recently inked a deal with outbreak media group. What made you sign with them?
Out Break is family! I get to be creative, be myself, and the chemistry is crazy. Everyone on the team is great at their position. 

Are you still pushing Fly Guy music group as the imprint?
Yes I am, it's tatted on my chest to remind me of the goal. Fly guy music group is going to be epic! I got Spaceship P out of Houston, I got Buck Nasty, Ocho Cinco aka “100k”. The Fly Guy music team is on the rise.

You do features for established artist and upcoming artist I think that’s dope. What makes you stay so connected to the upcoming artist?
I stay connect cause there new waves. New sound, you have to know how to adjust to time. Or you will be left behind.

Who are some upcoming artists that you like at the moment?
This could take all day! Locally I like @Castle, @smookdamadman, @clvssicgold @kolyon @jrevenue @kodakblack @foreign_fls. My industry list includes: J cole, Big krit, Drake, Jay electronica, Ty Dolla $ign, Andre 3000, Jill Scott, and the list can go forever.

You are always repping Broward County and Pompano every chance you get. How important is it for you to rep for your city? It's important because I'm proud of my city. Who would want to be known to put your city on the map? 
South Florida has a lot of talent.

Why do you think artist can't come together like other cities?
I think its because we are very competitive. Everyone is a boss or wants to be a boss. Every DJ has an artist or the DJ himself is an artist. It's crazy out here.

You have been heating up the streets with some dope freestyles. Your freestyles sound better than the songs. How do you decide what beats to get on?
Every song that I get on I wish it were mine. So I murk it like it was. Change up a few things so it doesn’t sound too much like the original. Feel me?

Your snap chat he live man. Looks like you be having a lot of fun. How has social media allowed you to connect more with the people?
Actually I'm having a hard time to get people to tune in. They rather watch what I do than to hit the like button. So I try to have fun and hope they won't hate lol. 

What can we expect from you in the future?
I got a solo project coming late this summer. I’m also releasing a big single soon call "know my name" and "Hashtag". Stay tune...

What is your social media?
You could reach me on all my social media at iamnovaking.com and snapchat/iamnovaking 

Do you have any final words or shout outs?
Yeah man shot out to you guys man, I've watched you guys grow as a company. Nine5four reps the city I reside. U guys are the perfect examples of the word hustle! 

110 lbs
23" waist
32" hip

Social media info 
Instagram and Twitter : @itsfrankiek

Website links 
Launching soon, watch for the link on my social media

What's your definition of sexy?
Sexy is a feeling not necessarily a look. Don't get me wrong when I look good I feel good, but sexy to me is confidence, strength, and to be able to do it with a smile and in high heels ;)

What makes a good flirt?
Witty banter back and forth, eye contact, and always smiles 

What makes a good fashion and beauty blogger?
A good fashion and beauty blogger will not sell out for a brand but rather try, use wear the product. Tests its look, feel, use. Make a fair and true review/statement. Keep looking for the new, different, and best things for your audience and last but definitely not least take millions of pictures! Post and tag!

Describe the feeling when you’re modeling for a shoot and acting. What does each experience feel like?
Shooting is a lot like acting, although sometime it is organic and you just get really involved with the feeling, that's what makes the best experience. But acting for shoots is a fun way to explore different side of you and you always end up seeing something amazing at the end that you've created.

What kind of qualities do you look for in a man?
Great smile, kind eyes, humor and a great set of arms

What is your sexiest body part in your opinion?

What was it like shooting with Playboy?
The shoot was fun like every other shoot. I love shooting! However, the best part was finally seeing myself published in the pages of Playboy with my very own spread. That feeling is a high you cannot recreate. 

You have very unique features. What is your nationality?
I'm Dutch, Spanish and Aussie :)

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Strong, positive, and loving

What is the Sexiest body part on a man?
Arms that can carry me away for days... Lol

What is the Sexiest body part on a woman?
Smile, 100%! A great smile can draw your eyes away from the most amazing body!

What is something about you that people would be shocked to know?
I'm a farm girl, born and raised! I still live in the country. People are always shocked to find that out for some reason. But nothing beats coming home to the country after a busy day in the city! 

Frankie xo

What’s good man? Life, music, it's been great.

Let our readers know your name and the meaning behind it? Kayda K Da7. My name is a reflection of self. You are literally saying my name twice. The seven stands for god. It’s from the supreme mathematics. I am one of the 5% nation.

How long have you been doing music? Since a child, but as I matured I then took it serious.

What made you fall in love with hip hop? The art of poetry and sound together. I was always complimented on my word play and creativity. I love what the great's did with American history with hip-hop

I know you grew up in Fort Lauderdale. What was that like coming up as a kid? It was a challenge, even till this day. I grew up in a infamous neighborhood, the 319, driftwood, or like the OG say the pink and partments. Always said in my hood you never leave even when you die because it’s a graveyard across the street. 99% of every household was single mother parenting. So you do the math!

Who were some artist that you looked up to? Common, Jeezy, Outkast, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, The Game, 50 Cent, & Ice Cube.

When did you make the decision in your life that you wanted to be a full time rapper? When I was 15, I made up mind like this the shit I’m good at, fuck sports, I can be great with this, buy mamma a new car big estate with this.

You put a lot of your life in your music. How have your experiences made your music better? Truth is always better than a lie. You feel music better when you can hear a song about a person’s life and relate to it. My music became more realistic because of life and my struggles with life. I stayed sharp.

Jam pony express is a legendary crew how did you link up with them? My mom's ex-husband is one of the members of Diamond D. So I always was a big fan and knew a few of the members when I was young. I got a high respect for them. Legends. Wrote the song “Jam Pony Express” sent it to a few members and it stuck like glue, they took it and ran with it, and it was History. I wanted to introduce the new generation to the old and it worked.

Talk to me about the ADR mixtape. What kind of response did you get to that project? A good one, it was actually my first solo mixtape I put together with “house of hits”.”ADR” means Attack Destroy Rebuild.

Is ADR going to be a series you drop every year? Yea, it’s my brand my name, me. Volumes of dope music to come. It’s like taking a story and making music with the story.

We see you are doing a lot of work with lGBN, what’s is your relationship with them? My family. My brother Gawd, I been down in the mud wit for a decade now. I watched him go from the streets to building a multi-million-dollar business. I just stuck to the plan and stayed down. That’s what stand up guys do. We talk business then we talk family, in that order.

Your new single "When I pull up" has been getting major traction in the streets. Tell us about that single and who produced it? The song was produced by my brother Big Yoink and wrote by him. He let me hear it one night in the studio and I was blowed and he asked me to give him a verse. I wrote my verse went in and droped it. Rite after we decided to put on the “Da Real EP”

What can we expect from your new EP? This is hip-hop, down south, and golden era at its best. All original music my own sound and bars. Just bars everywhere! All knowledge wisdom and understanding thru good music.

What made you title "Da Real"? 
Actually, Aa Real EP is the full title. I called it the Da Real Extended Play for self-explanatory. I didn’t want to limit myself to 5 records, it is my own version of an EP. I’m a universal mc, I don’t have limitations when it comes to making good music.

Are you looking to get signed by a major or stay indie? With me it’s like this I approach all with consideration of my people with me. If it’s good for us, meaning my team then yea I’ll go major, if not I’m sticking to indie.

Who are some of the producers on the project? Dsappondabeat and Big Yoink are my main producer's on this project. Dsapp another Florida juggernaut I was blessed with Executive Produced the EP, I co-executive produced, and Big Yoink banged out 30% of the production as well. I got heavy hitters, GBN we working.

How would you describe your sound? Sonic, a southern sound. Original. No formula. Organic. Hip-hop at its finest.

How do you feel about Broward County starting to make some noise with the success of Kodak, Kent Jones and others? Proud, Kodak on his way to be great. Lil hommie deserve every bit of it, but Kent Jones I never heard of gotta check for him.

What artist or producers do you want to collaborate with in the future? 9th Wounder, Big Krit, Dsappondabeat, and Big Yoink.

What are your goals you want to accomplish in this music game? My main one is to build a foundation and lucrative platform for my children and people. Open up doors for my people and family. That’s what it’s about.

After this ep what other projects should we be on the lookout for? Big Yoink gotta hot tape dropping soon that we working on now. ADR vol2 will be dropping also. A lot of good music will be hitting ya air waves. We working lGBN.

Where can people check out your music? Goggle Kayda K Da7, sound cloud, itunes, cdbaby, datpiff. Check for me I’m out here. Youtube channel kaydak7, gots some dope visuals on there, I’m pretty dope!

Do you have any final words? Da Real EP may 27th. Cop that new single “When I pull up” produced by Big Yoink out now. I’m Kayda K Da7, peace

Lyricism has become as extinct as the mid-range jump shot in basketball. It’s all about catchy hooks over 808 drums with the no real substance. I personally blame the record labels more so than the artist with lack of artist development most artist only have motivation to chase the quick check. I never thought that lyricism would become an afterthought in the creation of hip hop. Don’t get me wrong there are still artist out here “carrying the flag” for lyricism but not nearly enough. I was watching Sway in the morning when this group caught my eye. They were like no other group I have seen especially in this generation of music. They had a full arsenal of flows and punch lines but most importantly they had a real message behind the bars they were spitting. This group I speak of is the long beach collective “Horseshoe Gang”. Horseshoe Gang are the younger brothers of KXNG Crooked from Slaughterhouse. The group comprised of Demetrius, Julius, Kenny and Andrew “Dice” is a refreshing look into what the essence of hip-hop and emceeing is. These four brothers have honed their skills from years of tutelage under older brother Crooked I. True students of the art of lyricism, patterns, punch lines, melodies and emceeing they are being looked to as the new saviors of true West Coast rap.

What is the message and meaning behind the name "Horseshoe Gang"?
Our group used to be called Untouchable Gang. We would wear Indianapolis Colts gear cause the horseshoe was positioned like a U, then eventually we started calling ourselves Horseshoe Gang. The "Gang" is actually an acronym for Grind And Never Give-up.

What are the advantages of working with family and the disadvantages?
There's many advantages being a group comprised of family members. We never lose sight of the fact that we'll always put family first. We have disagreements, but we never worry about egos or lack of loyalty, cause we all want to see each other succeed. We grew up having to share everything whether it was toys or shoes. So sharing the mic or the stage comes natural. There aren't any disadvantages.

Outside of your big brother Crooked. Who were some of your lyrical influences coming up?
Outside of our elder bros Mad Man and KXNG Crooked, we grew up listening to the legends. Like Rakim, N.W.A, Ice T, 2Pac, Eminem, Twista, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Most rappers our age, started rapping around 2005, or 2000 at the earliest. So they were influenced by the rappers of that era... We started rapping before we were old enough to tie our shoes.

What made you guys want to stick together and go the group route?
Family over everything! We took the saying "two heads are better than one" and doubled it to create a four-headed monster.

I know that you guys have overcome some trying times and hardships. What kept you guys positive and motivated during the rough times?
God! We're not religious but extremely spiritual. We believe in positive energy and speaking things into existence. So our positive attitudes produce positive outcomes.

The group has been putting in work for quite sometime. Do you think people are finally getting hip to the movement?
We're extremely blessed to have many supporters and our impact expands every year, but we've only scratched the surface. We're like 2Pac during his Strictly 4 My N.i.g.g.a.z days. He gained a lot of attention during that period and people knew he had a gift. But using the full scope of his career for the sake of context, we see he became something much greater.

Each member brings a unique element to the collective. What does each member bring to the table?
Dice is the backbone of the group, Demetrius is the heart of the group, Julius is the soul of the group, and Kenny is the spirit of the group.

West coast hip hop is back at the forefront of hip hop again. How does it feel to be a part of that resurgence?
It feels great! There was a point where the West Coast Sound was emulated by other regions but not properly represented by artist on the left side of the map. There was a lot of talent on the West, but it got overlooked for years. Now West Coast Hip-Hop is back in full swing.

For somebody that has never heard your music before how would you describe the sound of the group?
Aggressive, lyrical, controversial, thought-provoking, soulful, authentic, and comical at times. Our music touches on everything from hardship, like our song "Falling", to comedy, like our song "Poverty Slogans".

The group can do it all man. From song making, storytelling, freestyling, and battle rapping. What made you guys want to master every aspect of your craft?
We feel like an artist's music should represent the sound of Hip-Hop culture. Every artist may not fully embody every aspect of the culture, but should at least display a bit of every facet. Our music is reminiscent of freestyles in the hallways of project apartments and neighborhood block parties. And everything in between.

HG puts their life, emotions and real experiences in the music. Authenticity is rare in today’s game. Does it frustrate you to see all these gimmicks and propaganda in today’s music?
"Frustrate" isn't the word... More like pissed-the-fuck-off haha. These lame-ass record execs and new age Hip-Hop fans are part of the problem too. If we're blaming the restaurant cook for making bad food, we have to also blame the restaurant owner as well as the customers who keep buying the shit haha.

How competitive does it get when you guys are writing your verses? Do you each try to out die each other?
Aaawww, man!! It gets real haha. Sometimes we interrupt our entire studio session just to have a debate about who had the better verse on any given song we've recorded. It's all in good fun though.

What is the groups recording process like? Do you guys write to beats or do you have beats tailored for a specific concept or vision?
It usually depends on which of us gets a vibe from the track first. Sometimes one of us will get an idea and completely quarterback the whole song. From hook, to song concept, to length of verses everyone will need to write. Other times it's a collaborative effort. Sometimes a producer will make a certain type of track to fit our idea, other times we hear something dope and immediately put verses on it.

Your music has several layers to it. You guys speak on everything from social injustice to self betterment. What has inspired you guys to deliver such a versatile and conscious message in your music?
Our elder bros Mad Man and KXNG Crooked. They used to be in a rap group and they would touch on everything, from current events to personal pain. We're just following in that same tradition.

What was it like being on tour with Crooked and Rittz? What kind of game and experience were you guys able to soak up?
A workout haha. Jumping on stage night after night with those two lyrical monsters literally whipped us into shape. We've opened up for KXNG Crooked many years, but never been on a 50-plus city tour. It was a lot of fun and taught us a lot. Shout out to Rittz, Strange Music, J Hornay and our people from AZ who rocked with us on The Southwest Kings Tour.

What inspired the name "Anti-Trap Music"?
We're sick of these untalented suckas making Hip-Hop seem gimmicky. Trap Music doesn't sound bad sonically. And some Trap rappers have talent. But the message that's being overly glorified has to change at some point. Our music is about life; the good, the bad and the ugly. Most Trap rappers are too one-dimensional.

How has the sound grown from the"Gangster Mc" project to the current "Anti Trap music album"?
We feel our skill has improved. Our song-making ability has gotten much better. And we've opened up a lot more as far as subject matter goes. To sum it up, we give less of a fuck about what people are going to say or think about what we record.

I got a chance to preview the album. Let me tell you guys its incredible man! You guys put together a dope cohesive project. You have dope production on the album. What aspect did each producer bring to the album?
Thanks, fam. Means a lot. Pitchshifters, Jonathan Elkaer and D.J.E.D.D.E.H brought the trunk-knocking tracks. Komplex, Tabu and Serious Beats gave us those tracks with soul/feeling. And Aktive, who's only 19 years old, gave us the dope track "Broke Ass Niggas". Which is a lot of people's favorite song. Also, KXNG Crooked blessed us with the classic Hip-Hop feel for our song "Who’s The Best Rapper"

Most artist or groups start of lyrical than slowly dumb down their content. What inspired you guys to continuously keep that lyrical sword sharp?
We inspire each other to stay sharp. Steel sharpens steel.

Is there any other artist or producers that you want to collaborate with one day?
We're big fans of music as a whole. So if we could work with artists like Adele, Smokey Robinson, or Usher. That'd be super dope.

As a group what tips and tricks have you learned from Slaughter house?
We learned that it's okay to be different and unique individuals, but still form a unified group. Slaughterhouse members are cut from the same cloth we're cut from, so we look up to them.

Do you guys ever see yourselves singing to a major or is the indie grind where it’s at for now?
If a major label situation presented itself that we absolutely couldn't turn down, then we would rock with it. But we're on a fuck a major label page at the moment.

What songs do your fans react to the most?
Our hardcore, aggressive tracks. When we perform songs like "Shoe-icide Squad" or "Crooked I Robot", we get the best reaction.

What are some of your favorite tracks to perform?
We love preforming the type of songs that allows us to interact with each other. Like our Cypher 2012 verses. That's when we get in Run DMC mode haha.

I really enjoyed the battle you guys had with Funk Volume. It took me back to my childhood when crews had to be lyrically sharp. Did you ever imagined that your diss records would blow up the way they did?
We weren't sure how people would respond to it, but we didn't give a fuck. But it turned out to go exactly the way we hoped it would. It gave us the opportunity to have a competitive diss record and display our skills. But it was all in good fun.

KXNG Crooked is one of the best lyricist we have seen in rap. Do you guys ever feel a sense of responsibility to carry on the lyrical tradition?
Absolutely! We studied KXNG Crooked religiously. In fact, we have a song called "Crook Class" speaking on how we're students of Crooked's. He taught us that's it's basically a sin to be whack. In that case, a lot of these rappers are major sinners and need to be in Hip-Hop Hell haha.

How does Crooked feel about your rising success?
He feels the same way Professor X feels about the X Men haha.

The Sway in the Morning Cypher has become an instant classic. What has the reaction been after you guys killed it?
Being on Sway's show was a dream come true. Sway is one of the realest dudes in this industry and the platform he gave us with his 5 Fingers Of Death, and Friday Fire Cypher, gave us a much-needed boost. Shout out to Sway and King Tech. And Heather B.

Will you guys be going back on tour anytime soon?
Let's hope so. Better yet, let's pray that we do. We're working on it.

When it’s all said and done. How would you want the Horseshoe Gang to be remembered?
We want to be remembered as the best rap group, nay music group of all time.

Are their any other projects we should be on the look out for?
We're always working, so look out for anything with the Horseshoe Gang logo on it. We have many things in the works. Not just music. We have Horseshoe Gang comics that our supporters can pre-order if they go to Kenny's Facebook page. Keith Wickliffe.

How can the fans keep up with you guys?
@Horseshoegang on Twitter and Instagram. Horseshoe Gang COB is our YouTube channel and also our Facebook fan page. And we can be found on any random corner in Long Beach, Cali.

Do you guys have any words for the upcoming artist and producers trying to break in the game?
Stay motivated, stay humble and be resilient. Be sure to ask your close circle to critique your material. It's always good to get feedback from those who know you and want to see you succeed. Also, have a plan B. Chasing a dream may include sleeping in your car or in a park, so try to have other means to support your self.

Any final thoughts or shout outs?
Go buy KXNG Crooked's album Statik Kxng. Go follow our bro Mad Man @ungradiostation on Twitter/IG if you're an up-and-coming artists. And look out for Karelezz album Space Time when it drops. Shout our to Nine5Four for showing us love. God bless!

Thanks for the time fellas!

The east coast duo of Baltimore MC M.I. and New Jersey's DJ Cutt have their roots steeped in the Golden Era of hip hop when they met by peforming together at upstate NY college parties in the mid 90's.

From the outset, the pair developed an instant understanding and strong bond which lasts to this day.  As the newly formed Constant Deviants operating from Brooklyn, they made an immediate impact with the release of their debut single 'Competition Catch Speed Knots", still deemed a classic in the modern era.
Their seminal 12"s 'Can't Stop' and '8th Wonder' in 1998 brought them to the attention of legendary industry manager Mark Pitts, and in 2000 M.I. penned a deal with Arista while DJ Cutt engineered several releases for Roc-A-Fella.  Though still working together on side projects, their paths would cross more formally in 2006 while M.I. co-produced a remix of the Rick Ross and N.O.R.E. joint 'Yup' with Cutt.
This would prove a pivotal moment, with the decision made to establish a new boutique label Six2Six Records dedicated to the authentic values of hip hop culture, initially releasing new and re-issued vinyl.  From 2010, the group's prolific output began with the release of their debut album 'Concrete Utopia', followed by 'Amongst Friends' (2011), 'Diamond' (2012) and Avant Garde (2015).    

With a sound and brand established internationally in a similar vein to Stones Throw, Hieroglyphics and Mello Music Group, their creative enterprises expaneded into the world of film production, and they collaborated with long time Swiss affiliates SWC Records to release the movie "Swiss Banks" in 2015 which saw M.I. take his first acting role.

A new movie named after the Six2Six label but with a completely original concept and storyline is set for release later in 2016 and again features M.I. alongside Treach (Naughty by Nature), Selena Johnson and Chief Busy Bee Rocker.
Meanwhile Constant Deviants' fifth album, "Omerta", is set for release on June 28th and appropriately in the midst of a highly creative period has an additional twist.  Adopting the personas of Luciano and Lansky due to their Italian and Russian heritage respectively, M.I. and Cutt have applied a concept running throughout.  A comparatively novel approach by today's standards, precedents were set by Kool Keith's 'Tashan Dorsett' and Prince Paul's 'A Prince Among Thieves'. 

The tracks act as a series of vignettes, familiar situations and cultural reference points set as metaphors to convey the meanings and messages.  However the sound remains unmistakeably "Constant Deviants" with their trademark blend of jazzy breaks, funk, rock, soul, and turntablism offsetting M.I.'s effortless storytelling delivery style. 
In keeping with tru skool traditions, they have followed last year's 3Stylez freestyle video series with another entitled 'Tre Volte' in keeping with the theme.  Simple live footage of a DJ and MC, two turntables and a microphone, the essence of hip hop.
Constant Deviants and Six2Six Records are a lesson in durability with the ability to adapt and evolve over the years while staying true to their core values.  On that front alone, these soldiers of hip hop have earned their medals.  

"Omerta" released June 28th 2016 on Six2Six Records. Available worldwide on vinyl, CD and digital formats

Competiton Catch Speed Knots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o9-vVcKJ-Q

Swiss Banks movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lRr_OKUHTU
Hard on these Streets (From Tr Volte series) https://vimeo.com/164070103
Single from Omerta - So Underrated - https://soundcloud.com/urbanelitepr/constant-deviants-so-underrated-produced-by-dj-cutt

WEBSITE http://constantdeviants.com  

Twitter @Cnstnt_Dvnts & @Six2SixShift  

Facebook www.facebook.com/constantdeviantsmusic

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