D. Francis

D. Francis

The Facts:

Full Name: Phantom
Website or Myspace  address: www.myspace.com/phantomthedon
State Location: Miami, Florida
Genre of Music: Hip-Hop
Name: Amy Vitale
Age: 26
Birth Place: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Model and professional wrestling manager
Nationality: Caucasian (Italian)
Favorite Place: New York
Favorite Food: Japanese, Italian, and Spanish
Favorite Music: I listen to everything.
The Facts:

Full Name: DeShaun “ SpeakaMan” McGee    
Website or Myspace Address: www. Myspace.com/SpeakaMan or www.DNLEntertainment.com    
State Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL by way of Gaston, NC
Genre of Music: Hiphop, R&B, Rock Fusion

The definition of perfection sat before me so calm, collected, and composed. Looking soft as rose pedals, her voice smooth and silly and her non-conceited demeanor drew not only my attention but the attention of others that walked pass her. Her ora gave off a very strong energy and being in her presence was worth every minute.

Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for one of the hottest new talents coming straight out of Ft.. Lauderdale, Florida. Mitch Gunz is bringing some serious fire and it’s not only in the form of rap. Armed with vocals to match his superb lyrical style, Mitch Gunz is a one man army.

Katie Duval is your everyday girl with the beauty to attract just about any man. Her down to earth personality mixed with her smooth charisma makes this model the total package. Her radiance on and off the camera and her ability to give off that perfect looks makes her a triple threat. Keep an eye out for this model soon to be star in the near future.

This 19 year old student is not only a site for sore eyes, she is making waves in the model and pageantry world. Majoring in Media Studies, Phylicias’ focus is not only on her books but the elaborate modeling career she has pieced together bit by bit. Modeling since the age of 11, she is by far a amateur and all of her pictures suggest that she is ready to make her mark on the world.

Model And Rapper what more can you ask for in a natural born musician and model. Kayta comes to us from Russia with a story of her own. 

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