New kid on the Block: Personal FX Clothing

The Fashion industry has become a very competitive industry. Designers have to deal with…
Artist Spotlight

Tag: Young Visionary

Music is a big constant in the routines of many people of all walks of life and…

Frock Fashions: handpicked from across the country

Frock Fashions encompasses high quality, classic pieces transition-able from season to…
Hip Hop & Rap


It’s not everyday an up-and-coming artist gets cosigned by one of the biggest artist in…
Artist Spotlight

Voice of the City: Novaking

Novaking has been putting in work in the industry for a long time. He has written hits…
GJ Gazm

DJ Gazm – Next Up

When it comes to Deejaying its pretty straight forward. You're either dope or you're…
Hip Hop & Rap

Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser

At Nine5Four we pride ourselves in featuring prominent talent from all over the world. At…
Tori Lynn
Artist Spotlight

Tori Lynn: The Young Veteran

Pop sensation Tori Lynn is quickly making major strides in the music industry. At the…

Caskey: killing the competition with consistency

Orlando is the number one Tourist destination in the world, but beneath the surface there…

Hustlers Ambition: Angelina Petraglia

The term “Jack of all trades master of none” used to describe somebody who had a wide…
Hip Hop & Rap

Fresco Sounds

Nine5Four Feature: Fresco Sounds: Back to tha future Welcome to Nine5Four Magazine…


The entertainment business is a funny thing, some say that it’s a business that finds you…
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Bella Falconi: Family, Faith & Fitness

DigiMag View Available Bella Falconi: Family, Faith & Fitness The name Bella Falconi…
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Reviewed: AceHood StarVation 5

DigiMag View Available Reviewed: AceHood StarVation 5 To be great, you may have to stand…

Felisha Monet: The Art of the Hustle

Every City has a radio station that reflects the city’s culture. When it comes to South…
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